Bugs galoreĀ 

First school photo! Cute overload. I know I’m biased but come on…

In my last post I suggested that there might be a request for sympathy during the weeks of returning to work and Monty starting nursery. Certainly it felt a bit odd abandoning him into the arms of his friendly nursery ladies and heading off to work for the day, but emotionally I’d say all three of us, Mr H included transitioned well. Actually all four of us as Finn the dog also had to get used to three days of less human time again. 

The routine works well in principle, Mr H gets up early and heads into the big smoke (we love mornings when his alarm goes off and we realise we’ve had a whole night of sleep without baby or fur baby interrupting us – not had one of those for a while!!). Monty and I transform from bed head night grub status to mildly clean, clothed and awake. We trot round the corner to his nursery and then I undertake a golden hour of exercise before work starts – run, swim or gym. Then a quick makeover into professional person and at my desk for 8.45. At lunchtime I nip home to rouse a sleeping Finn the dog for a jaunt in the park, back to work for the afternoon and then pick Monty up on my way home to play, cuddle and wait for the return of the daddy who undertakes bath and bed. Clockwork!

Unless we are ill. Which we have been about 95% of the time! Damn nursery bugs. Sickness bugs, although YES 2kg lighter with minimal effort but fair amount of hardship. Not advised. Roseola, a constant cold, tonsillitis. Ugh! It will get better all the blogs and mumsnetters tell me! We will start school with no more than a sniffle as all the bugs will shy away from super strong immunity created by these months of hardship. The problem is with illness comes sleep deprivation. Our normally smug position of having the most amenable sleeping and relaxed baby is uprooted and we are thrown sideways into chaos of night waking and minimal shut eye. So we don’t get better very quickly. Mild depressive symptoms arise. There are tears. It hurts. Sympathy please! 

Thoughts in the sunshine

The view from my blogging bench today

There are few better places than the Pantiles in the sunshine. I could gobble up a lobster and glass of Sancerre right now but OH NO it’s a fast day. Tragic truth right there. Myfitnesspal app tells me if I have more days like yesterday (a new strategy using a formula and a macro…fatbusting mathematics) I will wallop my target in 5 weeks. Ok then. Which brings me  to point 1 of my thoughts today:

1. Being IN THE ZONE

There seems to be no logical sense to when this occurs. It is possibly derived from a number of insulting comments or horrifying mirror in changing room incidents. Obviously a major event like a wedding or a big holiday can cause one to get IN THE ZONE (getting married didn’t for me until the bitter end whereby I tortured myself with the three day military diet and lost 3kg – but that’s another story). 

By being IN THE ZONE I mean the moment when the penny drops, the gluttony can continue no more, the turning point has been reached. The simple truth that doing more exercise and eating less will lead to a slimmer physique suddenly makes sense. Just as a school child accepts that pie is just a number to be learnt for no apparent reason, a husband accepts that his wife is simply right most of the time, being IN THE ZONE happens when there is an acceptance and a subsequent plan of action. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times this cycle has occurred in life. The moment of clarity repeats with the same chime of cymbals signifying a behavioural change. Weight loss amnesia had occurred but there is significant memory recovery in this important minute of truth. 

So I’d like to announce I am back IN THE ZONE. Expect a pre-baby-weight Anna in the next month or so. Oh yes. Strong. 

2. In an unrelated slipstream of inconsequential thought I have realised over the past month, no no, it has been underlined for me how much I like buying things. New things. A realisation would suggest I didn’t already know this. Of course I, my dad particularly and now my husband know this. Our families know this. My friends know this. We are trying to buy a house soon and we have also had the very expensive Monty shaped addition to our household so in light of this, Mr H suggested we embark on AUSTERITY MONTH. This happened in May. So May was somewhat depressing, commercially limiting, lacking in new things and really quite dull from that point of view. Gone were manicures, gone were meals out, gone were frappucinos or any kind of gift buying (a challenge given we have so many June birthdays), gone were impulsive purchases while browsing the shops with Chief Shopper Aide Baby Monty. Joy was sourced instead from simple pleasures such as spending the afternoon in the park with Monty and Finn. Taking them to the beach. 

We had fun, of course we did. Who needs stuff when there are two little love bundles, one furry, one dribbly. However June’s arrival was a joyous day. I have hugely enjoyed shopping for gifts for family members during my now condensed window of opportunity and certainly a rebalancing has occurred. Austerity is good here and there, but in my humble opinion over-rated. 

3. I don’t really have a third point, I’ve not done a huge amount of thinking today. My brain is going to have to speed up as I’m back to work next week. Intelligent thought to complete mush ratio looks something like 1:17 right now. That will change swiftly I’m sure! It may be painful for a few weeks so expect some woe and requests for sympathetic reading. My advice would be don’t give me any. Tough love. 

Flextreme…for Tunny Mummies and babies

Today I tried Flextreme training with 2 trainers in Tunbridge Wells, the idea is that mums (or dads) can go with their babies/toddlers too – there are enough hands to manage the kids while we do some serious cardio circuits. 

Sweat factor high! A good workout and very accesibly priced too, wonderful to be able to get out to do some fitness training with other people without needing childcare. The trainers Laura and Aaron are so friendly and encouraging, I love it that both their mums are there supporting, keeping fit and on hand to help with the babies too. 

Monty tolerated it just about, normally he’d be fine playing on his own but he’s still not feeling great I don’t think so required being carried by interchangeable people.  

It’s a fast day tomorrow so Mr H and I are carb loading tonight with his delicious homemade chilli and jacket potatoes. Not sure that’s the idea really…it’s important not to over eat on non-fast days. My new size 11 jeans fit (yay!) getting closer to getting back in my size 10s! 

Monty is now able to reach the top of the drawers next to our bed…little rascal. I predict walking in the next 3-4 weeks. Exciting.


Recovery workout

oh my oh my this week was the week of the sore eyeball. I try not to exaggerate but jeeeeeez this was one helluva week not just for me but my heroic parents and super husband as they rallied round to look after Monty while I went blind and lay in a dark room freaking out. Who knew conjunctivitis could be such a brute! My little baby got over it in a few days whereas I ended up in A&E and having hospital treatment for 4 days. I got a bad version apparently. No kidding! I would post a pic of my eyes but it is pretty gross (think day release from asylum) so I will post a pic of Monty looking cute with Aunty Vic instead. 

Thank the eye gods (Iris?) that I am now on the road to recovery. I have celebrated this morning by completing day 2 of #mumonamission and roped my dad in too. We know how to live at Trinder Towers.

It was more amusing than doing it in my own as in a typical Dad style he struggled with some of the co-ordination and dancey steps (but improved significantly in three sets, well done Daddy) – he is very fit so we completed it no problem.  Mum even joined in at the end. It is fun there is no doubt.

There are other great workouts on the site www.instructorlive.com too, am looking forward to trying the yoga and pilates plus Beditation which sounds like just what I need before bedtime. My plan is to rope Mr H into some evening workouts once baby H is in bed so we can get fit for summer. Yeah…will see how that goes down!

Monty is now a fully fledged nursery goer having started full 3 days this week and I’m back to work very soon too! Am looking forward to getting into a rhythm of routine for  all three of us. It takes some organisation. Oh how life has changed! But it is worth every smelly nappy and bleary eyed morning. 

Burning the baby blubber

I’ve just completed day 1 of #mumonamission on www.instructorlive.com where Kimberley Wyatt and trainer guide you through 24 mins of dance based HIIT workout 7 days a week. 

Let’s see how this goes! 

I definitely sweated and could feel the stretch of the lunges and squats. 7 days a week is going to take commitment to getting up off the sofa some evenings I feel. There are nutritional tips and recipes on the site too, I’ll have a proper explore over coming weeks as I use it more.

Working out at the moment fits around Monty. There is an amazing inspirational woman on Facebook called StayStrongMummy who has twins and a toddler, she has a huge following of her short workouts and positive mantra posts. 

Davina’s 7 minute workout DVD is also featuring in my life for working out when Monty is napping. That’s great and 7 minutes is very doable. Davina’s ridiculous enthusiasm isn’t too annoying. 

Boot camp in the park bi-weekly with Sam Rathmell of TWPT keeps the motivation up and running too, now up to 10k (albeit slowly) is all helping. 

When I write it down I’m quite impressed with the exercise that I’m fitting into life. But of course it has to be combined with a good diet and that can be trickier to maintain. We are back on the 5:2 as that seems to work for us. I have 6kg to lose to be back to my ideal weight although Sam is measuring me monthly and working out fat weight/lean weight as that’s important apparently.

One good thing since becoming a mum is that because the windows to exercise are clearly defined and limited, there’s no question in my mind about doing it once I’m at the gym or in my kit. If I miss my chance that’s it! So I just get on with it rather than faffing about debating with myself. 

One trainer said to me there wasn’t a huge amount of point working too hard in the gym if I want to have another baby…I disagree! I’d like to be even fitter for any 2nd baby as birth is an athletic event and would also try harder to keep my weight under control during pregnancy. I certainly had my head in the sand during my first (well more like in the fridge), which gave me a big mountain to climb to recover. Probably anxiety related and Monty is a big strong healthy boy but a learning to take forward. 

Anyway, time for a protein shake and a shower….

6 month milestone

I write from the ‘drying chair’ at The Chapel, a small window of alone time, just me, my hair and this amazing place. 

Tomorrow we embark on a new adventure as Toby starts at Testplant. The culmination of some months of discovery and development. 

Monty and I will charge forth on what is left of my maternity leave, a new chapter.

With new hair. 


Early joys of parenthood

I’ve seemingly joined a secret (or not so secret) society of wonderfulness, with a fairly tough entrance exam and initiation fortnight. However now that adjustments have been made, expectations for productivity lowered and acceptance of certain smells, fluids and demands met, a whole new world has presented itself.

The feelings of fulfilment, achievement, pride, love, excitement, protection, partnership and at times anxiety are overwhelmingly powerful. What a ride so far.

Happy one month little man!