10 reasons why staying fit during pregnancy is a great idea 

1. In my view, health and fitness sits across emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. All three are crucial to bringing new life into the world safely and as positively as possible.

2. Consistency and routine really help at a time of complete change, hormonal mayhem and the rollercoaster that can be pregnancy, birth and recovery.

3. As my mum has always said, birth is an athletic event. You wouldn’t show up to the most important race of your life, with a prize beyond any Olympic medal, ill-prepared now would you?

4. Smashing hard (ish) into some boxing pads helps with the last few frustrating days waiting for your baby to come. Trust me.

5. Fitness can be fun. Fun is good, endorphins help combat moods, negativity and anxiety. I was about 5 months pregnant in the picture below. My sister in law got the bum deal by having to pull me back the other way. Larger load for her. 

6. It’s confidence giving to hear ‘keep going’, ‘well done’, ‘you look great’ at a time when you need to up the determination and defeat any demons.

7. A weekly check in with your PT helps you come clean with yourself about diet, nutrition and whether you’re making good choices. 

8. Training during pregnancy should make the recovery period easier and you should be able to return to training after a sensible amount of rest, depending on medical checks.

9. What’s the alternative? Stopping exercise and therefore putting on weight beyond the recommended amount? Eating your way through anxieties? Your husband renaming you Barney the Dinosaur (true story, apparently I was purple and huge during the latter stages of my first pregnancy)? I know which pregnancy, birth and overall experience I would choose!! The one I’ve just had! 

10. Strength, cardio and conditioning is a kind way to treat your body. It makes you more in tune with the kit you’re going to need to rely on to bring your baby into the world. 

A huge caveat to all the above points is to work with a proven and dedicated PT, who has the relevant qualifications and insurances to undertake the journey with you. I trained with Sam Rathmell at www.twpt.co.uk


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