Batch cooking commences – baby proofing our menu plan

Mr H and I are admired (I think – unless our friends are kidding) and ridiculed (I know for a fact) for our meticulous, incessant menu planning.

Like this sort of planning….while ‘To-Do lists’ suit our similar personality types, practically we maintain that having a plan reduces the need for daily decisions and more frequent supermarket trips. It is also an economically sound way to plan our online shop and food consumption. We can plan proportionate meat/fish/veg to stay balanced (a nutritionist would be welcome to critique our choices) and we cook from scratch with fresh produce pretty much completely. 

With the imminent arrival of baby Hawkins 2.0, filling the freezer with homemade meals is high on our priority list so that as soon-to-be tired, vacant minded parents can grab a Tupperware from the freezer safe in the knowledge that we are feeding ourselves adequately while in a daze of adjusting to life with two little people.

So, with that in mind, today’s creation is a very freezable, nutritious Morrocan Lamb Tagine. Which can be served with cous cous or flatbreads, both easy to prepare. 

To make:

  1. Chop x4 red onions and heat in a glug of olive oil in a big pot for 4-5 mins
  2. Crush 6 garlic cloves and add with a tbsp ground cinnamon, cumin, paprika, ginger and turmeric for another 2 mins

3. Add 3kg of diced lamb, not cheap but from our friendly local butcher at Rooks. Season well and stir for 5 mins.

4. Add x4 400ml tins of chopped tomatoes. You can buy cheapos of these but I like these. Always have. Taste and packaging I think….I’m a sucker for packaging but maintain it expresses the passion a company has for the product, correct me if I’m wrong. I may have been duped. These taste full of iron and richness to me.

5. Add 200g roughly chopped stoned prunes, 1 litre chicken stock, 2 tbsp sugar, 200ml water and reduce to simmer for 3 hrs. 

6. With 30 mins cooking time remaining add x2 400ml chickpeas. Plus juice of a lemon. Loyal to Napolina again…

7. Serve with cous cous and some chopped herbs. 

This afternoon’s gentle toil made a tasty dinner for us both plus a very useful 12 portions for the freezer. 

Really tasty too. We will be grateful for it in a few weeks time I hope!


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