#she’s awake

Is it advisable to blog at 2am? Not sure. At the very least perhaps I’ll draft this and reread in daylight before sending. 

It’s my own fault I’m awake at 2am as I retreated to bed at 7pm along with Monty. When Mr H came to bed a couple of hours ago I woke up and have been ‘thinking’ ever since. So I’ve had man flu this week, firstly hayfever which I only get mildly but easily confused with a cold. But the symptoms of female man flu include (and obviously observed by some including my work colleagues):

  • Complete inactivity when required to perform basic tasks, one colleague said to me on Tuesday (very gently and kindly) – you are literally doing nothing 
  • Wondering if anyone has ever felt this bad, ever before, ever, as it simply can’t be possible
  • Thinking (seriously) that child birth was less painful than the head flu occurring 
  • Copious complaining 
  • Tears
  • A concerned husband who sprang into action (a much better nurse than me)

Anyway I’m through the worst you’ll all be relieved to hear and despite probably running before I could walk by attacking a  busier than normal Thursday at One Media, I had a slight relapse, got ear ache and once again retreated to bed at the same time as my one year old. 

I’m not quite ready to ‘man up’ yet, tomorrow may be mainly spent in pjamas and watching the Smurf movie (Monty will be delighted) but there is a gradual return to the human life form occurring. 

Now that the immediate has been dealt with, the emotional backdrop (possibly linked) is of course Br….what a mess we have here….exit. I’m not going to fill more social media space with negativity but merely say that while I generally enjoy drama and welcome change – hey this is the most I’ve ever been interested in politics and the most I’ve ever witnessed it being discussed, debated and understood/misunderstood, it’s difficult not to feel uncertain and concerned.

I do have faith in our leaders generally. I certainly do not have faith in much of the population in the UK, which is why they don’t LEAD. You see, the anger does rise… Who will sort out the DK (Divided Kingdom)? Will it ever be the same again or is this permanent? Waiting to be rescued by Iron Man. Or Postman Pat. He normally sorts problems out by the end of the day. 

Wow I feel better, writing does that for me, it’s like lifting heavy weights (feelings) off my body (mainly chest) and transferring them via brain and language muscles onto a page (or sometimes screen as in this case) to be absorbed by the universe and perhaps some eyeballs/humans if they can be arsed/are interested. Free therapy really to a faceless voiceless non-being.

I’m in the middle of writing my first book, (not about politics (yay!) but about the (invented) adventures of my beloved dog – Finn) although progress is slow and I don’t know if it’s ever going to be finished. Also not much has happened in it yet so ‘adventures’ might need a rethink. I’m collating more and more material in my head all the time and just waiting for my hand to start converting it into words. It may be terrible, not even sure who would want to read it, what age etc. I have no idea. I’ve started reading it to Monty before bed, he can be my first critic I suppose. 

Our new (old and shabby) house is wonderful. We have a lot to do but the time to do it gradually and our rocks in the garden are so fantastic. Badger rock is imposing, permanent, beautiful, majestic and we will work with it to create our desired space. Our resident badgers are quieter than they were in our first week but I’m hopeful that they are being cautious and they will get braver. The foxes have been quite visible, it’s like Animals of Farthing Wood sometimes. We are making a right old mess as we start to clear bits of the jungle near to the house but there is plenty that will just remain, untouched and wild as its so beautiful and was the magic we fell in love with. 

Well it’s not quite daylight but I’ve re-read and no glaring typos so the only other possibility is that the night ramblings of a slightly post-viral, Lemsipped, Nurofened tired mummy are irrelevant. If so, never mind it will get lost in blogger sphere. Otherwise, hope you’re all sleeping soundly and wake up to a better Friday than the last one. 



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