House buying

We are in the midst of buying our first (and hopefully last) family home. It has been a 5 year journey to get to this point and it’s still not over #pleasehousegodsletitgothrough 

Here is what I’ve learnt

  1. We are difficult to please – we must have seen 150 houses at least by now. I mean like actually booked viewings and been to see them. That’s a lot of hours of life. Nonetheless if the keys to our house are in my hand in a few weeks I will not regret a single thing!
  2. It was difficult to buy a house for children without having a child. Now that Monts has been able to be part of the process he has shown us the way to certain criteria such as a garden (we contemplated, even nearly bought) a flat with a roof garden, actually more like just a roof. Glad that one fell through!
  3. Phil and Kirsty are amazing. In the absence of being accepted into their programme we watched Location Location Location regularly for some property purchasing coaching. 
  4. You have to save a LOT of money to buy a house. Manicures have been cancelled, we have a money logging app installed on our iPhones, we haven’t been on holiday for nearly a year. Oh woe is us you might think but before house purchasing we were away a LOT! Sacrifices! 
  5. This period feels like a weird time warp between present and future as so much of our future hangs in the balance. Trying not to think too hard as it hurts my small brain. 

I may dance around like a jerk and drink a lot of champagne if the deal finalises soon. Please please please please please. 




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