Nearly one

So our little man is nearly one. It’s quite a milestone to behold, one of survival (him and us!) and marks his transition from baby into toddlerhood as he literally toddles around having just started to try. This time last year, aside from being hugely pregnant, life was very different. It was just us and really everything was about  just us. Having a baby has been simply the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. Monty is joy embodied in a very cute human form. He is so like his daddy, so a bundle of fun – a mini version of my favourite man. For sure I understand when people say having a baby won’t mend a broken relationship as there have been times in the last year when we have been under huge strain and needed each other. If we were on rocky ground already we would not have stood a chance. But having Monty has bonded us even more strongly. He reflects us and he is happiest when we are both there showering him with love. A lesson in that strength that comes from co-parenting and being a unit. 

 I am still on a post baby diet, I want to put my pjamas on at 4pm (no actually I don’t want to take them off ever), I can’t really do my favourite sport as it’s dangerous and costly in time and money, I can’t go out on a whim, I can’t claim to be a party girl at the moment – I’ve certainly put some of my identifiable features on hold for a few years. What made me me has changed. But I’m a mum, I love my son so much it is too much to bear sometimes. An emotional vein in me has been tapped that I didn’t know existed so I’m allowing myself to adjust to this new reality, accepting, marvelling, changing, growing and watching as our little man blossoms into the centre of our universe.


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