Sleep bootcamp

Sleeping baby = smiling baby = smiling parents. 

Signs of sleep deprivation include:

  1. Mr H slicing most of his thumb off while bleary eyedly making our dinner once the Montster had finally gone to bed one night. Blood. Yuck. Wifely first aid required including bandaging. It’s a good thing I learnt to bandage horses so well.
  2. Mr H falling over his own feet multiple times while walking Finn the dog. Wifely laughing. But also deep concern. Pahahahaha 😀
  3. Spilling coffee (full cup) all over meeting room at work one morning for no apparent reason other than faulty brain-hand connection. That was me.
  4. Spilling coffee (half full cup) all over car for no apparent reason apart from it obviously being my fault. That was Mr H.
  5. Consecutive days of going to bed at 8pm/as soon as Monty goes to sleep – whichever happens first.

Although I can proudly report that after a desperate night of zero sleep with Baby H in our bed, I dug out my Baby Whisperer book and read in earnest. It really is a good book and has helped many times in these first nine months. I proceeded to implement the Pick Up Put Down method for the last two nights. More like, Monty looks tired, it is bedtime. Monty is put in cot. Monty screams. Monty sobs. Monty stands up. Mummy hugs him but does not pick up but gently puts him onto his bottom in cot. Monty screams. Monty sobs. Utter devastation. Despair. Monty stands up. Repeat x 25 the first night. Monty collapses in sobbing heap. Monty falls asleep. Mummy creeps out. Last night it only took about 8 repetitions and he didn’t wake up at all 7.30 until 6am. Such a clever and responsive baby. Cottons on fast. 

Happy parents. We even stayed up until 10pm. Rock and roll! 


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