Flextreme…for Tunny Mummies and babies

Today I tried Flextreme training with 2 trainers in Tunbridge Wells, the idea is that mums (or dads) can go with their babies/toddlers too – there are enough hands to manage the kids while we do some serious cardio circuits. 

Sweat factor high! A good workout and very accesibly priced too, wonderful to be able to get out to do some fitness training with other people without needing childcare. The trainers Laura and Aaron are so friendly and encouraging, I love it that both their mums are there supporting, keeping fit and on hand to help with the babies too. 

Monty tolerated it just about, normally he’d be fine playing on his own but he’s still not feeling great I don’t think so required being carried by interchangeable people.  

It’s a fast day tomorrow so Mr H and I are carb loading tonight with his delicious homemade chilli and jacket potatoes. Not sure that’s the idea really…it’s important not to over eat on non-fast days. My new size 11 jeans fit (yay!) getting closer to getting back in my size 10s! 

Monty is now able to reach the top of the drawers next to our bed…little rascal. I predict walking in the next 3-4 weeks. Exciting.



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