Recovery workout

oh my oh my this week was the week of the sore eyeball. I try not to exaggerate but jeeeeeez this was one helluva week not just for me but my heroic parents and super husband as they rallied round to look after Monty while I went blind and lay in a dark room freaking out. Who knew conjunctivitis could be such a brute! My little baby got over it in a few days whereas I ended up in A&E and having hospital treatment for 4 days. I got a bad version apparently. No kidding! I would post a pic of my eyes but it is pretty gross (think day release from asylum) so I will post a pic of Monty looking cute with Aunty Vic instead. 

Thank the eye gods (Iris?) that I am now on the road to recovery. I have celebrated this morning by completing day 2 of #mumonamission and roped my dad in too. We know how to live at Trinder Towers.

It was more amusing than doing it in my own as in a typical Dad style he struggled with some of the co-ordination and dancey steps (but improved significantly in three sets, well done Daddy) – he is very fit so we completed it no problem.  Mum even joined in at the end. It is fun there is no doubt.

There are other great workouts on the site too, am looking forward to trying the yoga and pilates plus Beditation which sounds like just what I need before bedtime. My plan is to rope Mr H into some evening workouts once baby H is in bed so we can get fit for summer. Yeah…will see how that goes down!

Monty is now a fully fledged nursery goer having started full 3 days this week and I’m back to work very soon too! Am looking forward to getting into a rhythm of routine for  all three of us. It takes some organisation. Oh how life has changed! But it is worth every smelly nappy and bleary eyed morning. 


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