Burning the baby blubber

I’ve just completed day 1 of #mumonamission on www.instructorlive.com where Kimberley Wyatt and trainer guide you through 24 mins of dance based HIIT workout 7 days a week. 

Let’s see how this goes! 

I definitely sweated and could feel the stretch of the lunges and squats. 7 days a week is going to take commitment to getting up off the sofa some evenings I feel. There are nutritional tips and recipes on the site too, I’ll have a proper explore over coming weeks as I use it more.

Working out at the moment fits around Monty. There is an amazing inspirational woman on Facebook called StayStrongMummy who has twins and a toddler, she has a huge following of her short workouts and positive mantra posts. 

Davina’s 7 minute workout DVD is also featuring in my life for working out when Monty is napping. That’s great and 7 minutes is very doable. Davina’s ridiculous enthusiasm isn’t too annoying. 

Boot camp in the park bi-weekly with Sam Rathmell of TWPT keeps the motivation up and running too, now up to 10k (albeit slowly) is all helping. 

When I write it down I’m quite impressed with the exercise that I’m fitting into life. But of course it has to be combined with a good diet and that can be trickier to maintain. We are back on the 5:2 as that seems to work for us. I have 6kg to lose to be back to my ideal weight although Sam is measuring me monthly and working out fat weight/lean weight as that’s important apparently.

One good thing since becoming a mum is that because the windows to exercise are clearly defined and limited, there’s no question in my mind about doing it once I’m at the gym or in my kit. If I miss my chance that’s it! So I just get on with it rather than faffing about debating with myself. 

One trainer said to me there wasn’t a huge amount of point working too hard in the gym if I want to have another baby…I disagree! I’d like to be even fitter for any 2nd baby as birth is an athletic event and would also try harder to keep my weight under control during pregnancy. I certainly had my head in the sand during my first (well more like in the fridge), which gave me a big mountain to climb to recover. Probably anxiety related and Monty is a big strong healthy boy but a learning to take forward. 

Anyway, time for a protein shake and a shower….


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