Early labour, just me and a TENS machine

It’s 4am Thursday 2nd October and I’ve been in early labour for about 11 hours (I think, let me check maths…first signs at 5pm, waters went at 12.05 ish, yeah that adds up). Have been to Pembury and been assessed by youngish midwife who advised us to come back Friday AM for induction if contractions don’t start naturally. They have started and I can’t sleep through them but not too bad at the moment. Am hooked up to the TENS machine which is reassuringly pulsating on my back – quite relaxing. Toby is asleep after a glass of Carminere and probably good he rests as the next 24 hours could be loooooong.

It was funny when my waters did break as I was whingeing at him to turn the TV off so we could sleep and then next on my hit list was getting him to turn the light out too. And then my waters unmistakably broke and he leapt out of bed cheering.

We rang triage and I was advised to come in for assessment, so we headed off to Pembury leaving a somewhat confused Finn behind. I felt sick with nerves which has now eased once they checked heartbeat, blood pressure, swabbed my throat and nose for MRSA (bit gross, made me gag) and checked waters. An older more experienced midwife was drafted in temporarily to check for meconium in the waters (said was none) – it was amazing how much more I relaxed as she came in the room. An older, wiser face of experience and calm while the younger midwife made me slightly nervous as she seemed hyper vigilant and intense. All good but just different.

Anyway now back at home, under instruction to rest and be active tomorrow, if contractions intensify enough to go back in we
will do, or will have to go back Fri AM for induction. Hopefully sometime tomorrow will be forced to go back in naturally and hope to meet Junior before too long.

Now must remember to breathe and think of contractions as pressure rather than pain……

Monday 6th October 2014 – 3am ish I think

Am going into day 3 of Monty’s life with us since he was born on Friday. I realise there’s a huge gap to be filled in between my post on Thurs AM (terrified tone reading it back!) and now. But am 100% needing to live it right now and will reflect later.

Over and out.

Montgomery Tobias Hawkins – born Fri 3rd October 2014 at 0229 weighing 8lbs 5oz



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