Pregnancy yoga

Nestled on the old high st in TW, is an oasis of tranquility and calm – The Freestyle Yoga Project studio.


Run by Anna and Mark, it embodies their yogic outlook and aesthetically pleasing vision for both body and surrounding. Looking at them is to marvel at the positive side of physical yoga practice.


I’ve been back today to start a course of pregnancy yoga with Helen, who is another glowing example of yogic beauty.
As I walked up the steps into the studio I felt myself calming as I inched closer to a promised hour of focused meditative yet physical work out.

The studio is beautiful and clean with soft grey and purple, varying textures and oodles of light pouring in through the windows.


Helen has a professional and friendly style, I felt at ease and enjoyed the stretching, listening to her knowledgeable snippets of pregnancy related theory while breathing through the poses and enjoying my body uncurling, de-clicking and hopefully Baby H gratefully receiving calm vibes too.

I floated home…well maybe waddled slightly more easily…


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