Baby moon bliss

Travelling across more rustic Mexico was a little challenging as sweating in the heat of the day in search of some, any, reasonably healthy and un dangerous grub is less than a good idea. However I discovered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at Tulum, certainly worthy of a return trip. Vallolidad was less exciting, a vaguely pretty but tacky colonial town where the heat was inescapable aside from in air conditioned rooms and the culture, well not hugely cultured.

I am sorry to say that I am now totally happy and blissed out in predictable luxury south of Cancun at an all inclusive resort that resembles a London 5 star hotel but with a tropical beach and sunshine added. White crisp clean sheets await me every night sprayed with a specially selected fragrance blend, the cleanliness is palpable, the service exceptional and relaxation guaranteed.

I even made it to the high tech gym earlier and completed a preggy person workout. This time:


I sweated into my little leggings and resolved to purchase some maternity gym kit when we return home to keep motivation levels up in the gym at home in TW.

For now it’s back to the beach!



2 thoughts on “Baby moon bliss

  1. Hannah

    Sounds like bliss! I’m desperate to go to Mexico, but our babymoon last week was 4 days in Paris which I recently blogged about. Great fun, but so exhausting! Never again at 28 weeks pregnant! Have a fabulous time xx


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