Babymoon begins

We are in Tulum, twmummy, twdaddy and twbean – it is absolutely beautiful. This is more of a holiday for a friend’s wedding than a babymoon but we have come to Mexico a week early to relax and chill. I’m missing a cold beer at 11am and was astounded to fall asleep at 5pm yesterday not to wake until 7am this morning – but it’s a luxury to be able to do it!

Tulum is sleepy, hippy, yogic, beach bum type of relaxed. We’ve stumbled across a pretty rustic restaurant to eat in later. So far the day has consisted of reading, day dreaming, walking in the waves and laughing. Blissful.

I wondered what being hot on the beach would feel like pregnant. I have a lovely red spotty tankini from Jo Jo Maman Bebe which is actually very nice to wear. I don’t feel like a beached whale thank goodness. The plait picture isn’t me, but I’m going to be a hippy and do my hair like that later for our romantic dinner under the stars on the beach!



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