Things I miss….and things I love…

Pate!!! Apparently contains listeria MISS IT

Coleslaw, quavers, natural yoghurt, lime pickle, cottage cheese, more than normal LOVE IT

more than a sip of cold beer – don’t want a drunkybean baby now do we MISS IT

no hangovers for at least a year LOVE IT

Sushi! My sisters go for Friday sushi dates. Jel. Ceviche too when in hot countries MISS IT

my flat tummy MISS IT

dressing my growing bump in sometimes figure hugging, sometimes free flowing garments. It’s a new shape and it’s fun, especially when it means new clothes LOVE IT

dieting (no, really) it’s part of me to control what I eat and stay trim through nutrition MISS IT

However, being free from Weightwatchers, The Fast Diet, Low Carbs, Atkins, Dukan…all of which I have juggled for about 16 years…LOVE IT



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